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Programme Committee

Robin Irvine, Chair (Cambridge, UK)
George Banting (Bristol, UK)
David Barford (Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK)
Jeff McIlhinney (Oxford, UK)
Simon Eaton (Institute of Child Health, London, UK)
Klaus Okkenhaug (Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK)
Andrew Sharrocks (Manchester, UK)

Message from the chair of the Scientific Programme Committee
What we call 'Biochemistry', the science that gives the Biochemical Society its name, has changed remarkably over the last twenty years. Even while we image and track individual molecules, and determine the structures of macromolecules at atomic resolution, we are at the same time trying to grasp a wider picture of how cells are constructed, and how the complexities of this construction are integral to the way in which cells function and respond to signals. And it doesn't end there, because these cells, and the tissues they form, are in turn the constituents of living organisms, which interact with their environment in a continuous quest for adaptation and survival. The science in this meeting addresses selected parts of this entire spectrum, and tries to fulfil the definition of what the 'Biochemical Society' does - to produce a molecular explanation and understanding of biological phenomena.
Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee, Professor Robin Irvine (Cambridge, UK)

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