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Satellite Meeting

17 July 2004 Organon Laboratories Ltd

GPCR Allosterism and Accessory Proteins: New Insights into Drug Discovery

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) represent the largest single family of therapeutic targets within the pharmaceutical industry. Drug development strategies for GPCRs have traditionally focused on identifying ligands targeted against individual GPCRs. This strategy is based on the premise of a classical orthosteric ligand-GPCR interaction. However, additional allosteric mechanisms, which modulate GPCR signalling independently of the traditional ligand binding domain, are becoming progressively more important within the drug discovery environment. Such allosteric co-factors, by regulating the function and pharmacology of ligand-GPCR interactions, provide new insights and challenges to the understanding of GPCR function. This one-day satellite symposium will address the complex role of allosteric modulation through cofactors acting at alternative binding sites on GPCRs and explore pharmacological modulation resulting from GPCR dimerization or accessory protein interaction. Allosteric modulation of GPCRs represents an increasingly important concept in GPCR research with far-reaching consequences for future therapeutic strategies.

The symposium aims to complement the mini-symposia Regulators of GPCR Specificity and GPCR Dimerization as part of the BioScience2004 meeting, and represents a timely opportunity to bring together key scientists to discuss this important area of GPCR research.

Delegates who have registered for BioScience2004 are entitled to reduced fees for this satellite meeting, further information about this, abstract submission and online registration can be found on the meeting webpage.

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